Sunday, September 9, 2007


In the afternoon we hung out at Bohol Tropics. The fountains in the pool gave a nice massage effect.

You can see our room behind Kim in the pool.

At 6:30pm we took a cab to the parents' house. It was overflowing with people eating rice, lechon, and the filipino cuisine that Tess' brother Tito and other family and friends had prepared all day. From about 8pm to 11pm it was a Karaoke party.
Kim promised guests to put the video of the party on YouTube so that visitors could see it.

There were many very good singers. Tess' sister Maricar, who is a police officer in Davao, traveled by plane and ferry to attend. Three years ago her police officer husband was shot and killed during an undercover drug bust.
Tess had been planning this party for about 2 months when she realized it would take days of traveling to visit all family and friends. There were about 100 people, including the expected (and welcome) party crashers - Tess did not know many of the people in the front yard.

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