Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After having the complimentary breakfast at Bohol Tropics, the plan was to go to Tess' parents house and then visit her aunt and husband at the jail. But it rained all morning so they delayed the visit until the afternoon. so I mostly sat on the porch and watched the rain.

In the afternoon the rain stopped so several of us went to visit at the jail. It was out in the country. It houses about 130 inmates and visitation was outdoors within the high cinderblock outer wall. (Oddly the females were all searched, but I was waived through.) Tess had visited some of jailed policemen when she lived in Manila and said this was much better than the Manila jail.

Tess' father then dropped us off at the Island City Mall to do errands. Since some had not tried Bohol Bee Farm food, we took them to that restaurant.

I stopped at Internet Cafe in the mall and paid for a computer for Eric too. He interrupted me and said "watch this" and i saw an Iranian guy taking off his shirt on the webcam chat. What? Eric said pretended to be a female online to see what he can get guys to do. Well funny enough.

i've learned to ride 2 on the back of the motorcycle (eric and tess) but we see 4 or 5 on a motorcycle quite often.

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