Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We planned to relax today and swim in the ocean. We stopped at Judith's store to get some snacks, and they offered to take us up the river in their boats to Bili-Bili. (Kim didn't know what was going on.)

We took two "Pump Boats" (outrigger canoe with motor) up the river, winding past fishermen, and it got narrower with short and tall palm trees lining the shore.

We arrived at Bili-Bili, which had nonstop fresh forest water flowing from pipes where the locals were doing laundry. The river had a cement wall and a higher cement structure that we jumped into the river from.

They then gave us a tour around Tagbilaran shore to Bohol Tropics. The wind had come up and the sea was choppy, making it a wet ride.

We arrived soaked at Bohol Tropics, they tied up the boats and we all had lunch there. Four of them had never been to Bohol Tropics, including the three in the back of the orange boat in the photo. The fish and stir fry entrees ranged from about 150 to 200 pesos - $3 to $4. This was like 1/3 of USA prices, but to them, compared to the price of fish at the local markets, they were hesitant to order because the prices seemed too high. (There livelihood is fishing - normally their boats are out catching fish rather than giving tourist rides.)

I imagined that the weather would be mostly hot and muggy, but was not usually the case. Today there was a breeze and clouds like thunderstorm coming in. In the evening it was a cool breeze. Riding in the boat the ocean water felt like a warm bath water splashing on us. The ocean had aqua blue color.

In the evening Tess went shopping at the mall with her two sisters while Jerry offered Kim a ride for fun on the Sikad-Sikad (bike with sidecar). Kim then joined the guys drinking and talking in the Payag-Payag (bamboo nipa hut) that is on Tess' parents property - between the house and a child daycare center.

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Anonymous said...

I used to live in Iloilo for a few months. Back in Canada, I miss all those nice people so much.

I wish one day, I'll live in Guimaras with my lovely filipina wife. I want to be with those people and maybe help them the best I can.