Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday September 5th in Bohol

We took the motorcycle into town and met Tess' family at new Island City Mall. First we bought a WOW karaoke from an electronics store. The policy there is to demo that items work, so they set it up in the store. The employees liked Kim singing Archies "Sugar Sugar" and Tess' "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Next we shopped at the grocery store in the mall for the big Saturday party. This store was more like a Raley's than the dirty "asian stores" in Sacramento. There were over 200 employees around to assist. The fish was laid out fresh. I wanted to take photos but the security guard said I could not - and since he had a 2 foot long gun, I did what he said. (There is a lot of heavily armed security at stores in the Philippines, but rarely see a policemen.)

I wore the my "Justice for Aquino" shirt that I bought during my last visit to Philippines, February 1984 just after President Marcos had ordered his rival Ninoy Aquino executed as he got off the airplane. The Filipinos then overthrough Marcos and voted in Aquino's wife as president.

In the afternoon we took the motorcycle around the north side of Panglao Island. In In Panglao City we stopped at a Church/School that had an old stone tower from a war at least 100 years ago. The tide was low and no waves in the ocean - I'm not used to a quiet ocean in California. We drove to Dulho Point.

Next we drove to Hinagdanan Cave then to Panglao Island Nature Resort, which was over-the-top exclusive. It was $6 each just to drive in, but $4 credit to food purchases. We had some fruit drinks, clam chowder, and vegetable curry stir fry (made at the table, outdoors overlooking the ocean.) Like most resorts it was nearly empty. The only other table was a lady and guy. Tess whispered that she is some sort of movie star. After they left the waiter confirmed that she was "Amanda Page" - soft porn star. (But Tess never watches such movies?)

We had to rush out as the sun was about to set and Kim only had sunglasses for the motorcycle to protect from bugs in eyes.

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