Friday, September 7, 2007


At 6:10am Tess father arrived at the hotel to pick us up to go to the open market. Tess and I then took the motorcycle to the pier at Magma Point to video the arrival of the flight from Manila to Taglibaran. We thought it should arrive by 9am but didn't see it. We stayed until 9:30, in spite of gray skies - too late. We got stuck in a tropical downpour, so we took cover under a waiting structure. The local kids and families continued to come and go to swim in the ocean. But we had two cameras and no nearby change of clothes. Luckily an hour later it stopped, and except for puddles its now a clear sunny day.

Tess family and relatives are preparing for the evening party. Their computer had browser problems, so I brought relative "Eric" to navigate me to an internet cafe.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kim! Thanks for the update! Somehow I got to be with you guys thru your blog! Good job!


Anonymous said...

Tess and Kim: How exciting!! Loving your odyssey, and your fun times. Thanks for contacting me at my home e-mail. CDE IT block almost everything now, and I was so disappointed when I couldn't connect. It is Sat 8:30 a.m. here in Sac'to. You're a day ahead in the P.I. Have fun! Take care and I'm glad you're enjoying (Tess) your visit home.