Monday, September 3, 2007

Tuesday Sept 4th update


Hi! 10am Tuesday from internet cafe in Panglao.
Went out snorkeling with private guide in small outrigger canoe, about 200 yards beach drops off underwater cliff. Then had coconut for breakfast. Now 10am have a large red horse beer.

After experiencing snorkel maybe no need to scuba, i realize mask fills with water, which would scare me 10 meters down. The coral is so shallow i see the same from snorkel. Ocean is like an 80-degree swimming pool, no chill at all. (i hate cold water)

Yesterday arrived ok, rode the motorocycle around Tagbilaran, and Tess' brother dropped it for us at Flower Garden Resort. Yesterday I drove on side streets but today will be 3rd world crazy, no helmet, with people honking and passing everywhere.

TECH PROBLEM: i had a SIM installed in cell to get local access, and now it can no longer send email! So my plan of posting cell photos here isn't going to work. (The world just needs to catch up with me.)

Shopping in grocery was so much like shopping in the Asian markets in South Sacramento it was not even like a foreign country - except for one thing. Suddenly everyone froze like twilight zone. i started to talk and Tess said SSHHH. There was a prayer coming over the speaker "the holy rosary" (angelus) every mall "praise the father" or something.

Flight into Bohol was amazing approach. It's short field so the 737-clone came in on low/slow approach, and my right window seat was looking out just a few hundred feet at the shorline. Tess recognized a spot where she used to hang out when she was little, so we took the motorcycle there a few hours later. (the airport only gets a few flights per day. aside from our 737-clone there was only a few Cessna 150s.)

Worse "mishap" was i forgot to pack a belt, learned that when i put on my long pants for the flight, so we made a quick trip to tanforan mall sears to get one.

Maybe more another day - we'll take the motorcyle around Panglao Island north shore now, to Bohol Bee farm.

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