Friday, September 7, 2007


While at Internet Cafe posting the prior Thursday entry, Jovelyn, who works at Flower Garden Resort (in photo), stopped in with her friend to use the Internet. Tess helped her set up a Yahoo email acct.

Kim finished his San Miguel while Tess and Jovelyn were still busy. There are signs everywhere on the highways "TANDUAY" so he asked to try a shot. "Five year or 15 year?" I can't decide, give me both. It is rum. (I guess google it and you'll know more than me - except that I liked the 5-year better - it had a more unique flavor.)

We returned from Internet Cafe about 11pm and Tess'sister and husband (Herman from Belguim) were still up so we visited and had some more beers. (Boy those Europeans can slam down beers.)

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