Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday September 6th


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Tess sister and husband (Herman from Belgium) liked Flower Garden so much that they rented the a-frame unit next to us. At 8am Tess' parents picked them up and we followed into town on the motorcycle.
Two years ago Tess' aunt's husband (orange shirt) had been accused of embezzling from the bank he worked at. The witnesses are former accused who agreed to testify against him. They have both been in jail for two years "awaiting trial" - aunt (white shirt) as "co-conspirator." We went to the court to attend a pre-trial hearing but for the sixth time the plaintiff (banker/attorney) failed to appear. They have a new attorney from out of the area. There is no right to jury trial in philippine criminal court, and from what is happening to them (and what happens in US family court) it's apparent the benefit of the jury trial. I should not say any more about the case in a public blog.
Except for the aunt and husband who were escorted back to jail, the rest of us went to the Island City Mall to the Bohol Bee Farm outlet for lunch - including the attorney. Out the window I saw a "muslim" drive up on a motorcycle and remove his headgear. I asked where to buy that. When he put it back on we saw it was just a t-shirt with his eyes through the head-hole and sleeves tied behind head. Since being foreigner poses some risk, and for fun, I decided to do the same. See photo. It's fun to notice the difference from when girls would look at me to now when guys just watch to see that i keep going.
Tomorrow we move from Flower Garden to Bohol Tropics in town.

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