Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We had an early breakfast at Bohol Tropics. (the website doesn't show the entrance to the resort, so we show it here - back from the motorcycle ride to the beach.)

It was raining and my plan was to go to Manga Point to video the airline approaching from Manila. But it was clear that we would get wet and muddy on the motorcycle. I concluded the solution was to put on our bathing suits and sandals and make the drive.
We splashed through a lot of mud puddles since much of the road is not paved. I got the footage of the airline arrival and the rain tapered off. I took a swim in the ocean while Tess convinced a guy to let her paddle his boat around, like she used to do as a kid.
It is a new experience getting both in and out of water with no chill. The salt made it easy to stay afloat with no effort. There were no waves so by adjusting my height I could see the curve of the earth: At 6" above water the hulls of 2' high boats a few miles out were invisible. But when I raised up another foot I could see the full boat. so I suspect that the earth curve drops off at about one foot per mile.

At noon we transferred from Bohol Tropics to Vest Pension House to save money, then went to Tess parents house. We just caught Maricar (Cop sister), Herman and Lumine leaving to catch a ferry to another island (Cagayan), where they are thinking of settling down.

Around 5pm we hiked up Elly Hill. The top is fenced off and Calixto lives on the site, but it is public land. He charges a small fee to enter the fenced property - after having us read a long religious writing. Tess says he does not own the land, but he says he's lived there for 25 years. He is known for being crucified - nails through his hands - several times.
We then went to Manga Point for the sunset.
After dark Kim tried Eric's bicycle with sidecar with Tess as passenger. It is a dirt road and uphill in places. Eric pushed from behind to make it easier, and everyone we passed thought it was funny.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim or the Author of this Blog. My name is Dave Datoy and I have enjoyed your blog about TAgbilaran, Bohol and Philippine travels- I have been to all of your destinations in the Philippines and when I read your posts- I felt Like I was there again in the Philippines.

Thank you and It is very entertaining!keep up the good work and visit again at Bohol.